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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

latest short story "How I Seduced a Vampire"

How I Seduced a Vampire

“Can you hold the pose for ten more minutes Sweetie?” I asked Melissa. She’s nine years old and nine year olds get squirmy pretty quick. Adults aren’t much better but they know what I expect and can generally go a couple of hours before they start to squirm. “Then we will stop for today. OK?”
Melissa is a pretty little girl and the daughter of some mucky muck banker down town. I’ve been on this commission in the evenings twice a week for the last three weeks. Kids tolerate a sitting after the have had their dinner but thirty to forty five minutes is all they can handle before the start to loose the sparkle in their eyes and it’s the sparkle that makes a portrait come alive.
When I’ve finished painting for the day I generally go t o the neighborhood coffee shop around the corner from my flat on
California Street
. But tonight I feel like taking a walk. I’m only three or four blocks from Fisherman’ Warf so I start walking in that direction. The main boulevard at the wharf is always full of pain in the butt tourists so I generally stay a block or two off the main drag. My sometime tonight destination is the trolley turnaround at the end of
California Street
. From there it’s only a short cable car ride up
Cal St.
to my flat.
While I’m looking at some nice work in an art galley window two stunners pass behind me on the side walk. There is nothing in this world I adore more than beautiful women, so I turn my head and watch them move away from me down the street. Oh, my my my. The two lovelies must feel my eyes burning into their pretty little toshies ‘cause they turn their head to get a look.
I give them a smile and continue my window shopping. It’s a nice evening, cool but the fog hasn’t started its nightly creep off the bay yet. I notice the two cuties are seated at a table in an open front coffee shop called “V”. I’m in no hurry and they are just to fine not to stop and sketch them. Who knows I may use them in painting some day.
This place is dark, very dark, almost creepy dark. I think to my self as I stand in line to order. The guy in front of me orders “a tall house enriched and a skinny latte enriched. I get my usual peppermint mocha, take a set and pull out my sketch book.
These two are out of this world gorgeous. They could be sisters, not twins, but sisters. Long ebony hair, not black, but ebony. Ebony is the darkest natural brown you can have and not be that horrible dyed black color. The street lights reveal flashes of deep red and subtle gold as their ringlets move in the oh so gentle breeze. Their features are damn close to perfect. Their eyes a liquid smoky topaz. I don’t remember seeing eyes that color before and my life is studying people’s facial structure and coloring. Their skin is the palest I have ever seen. Porcelain with subtle alabaster cheek high lights. To capture this pale beauty with charcoal is next to impossible.
As I lay in bed that night unable to sleep, the fog laden breeze coming through the open balcony door, the strange beauty of the two girls haunts me. I couldn’t get their images out of my mind. They danced and played teasingly in my erotic dreams.
My commission the next day was in Sausalito. My favorite subject. A beautiful thirty something single woman that worked in the financial district. Very self assured and a lot of fun to chat with as I painted. She had picked her attire for the portraits. A light peach satin brocade throw and that was all. She always came into her sun room with the fabric wrapped around her. She wore tantalizing lace panties that I only caught a glimpse of once or twice and nothing else but her smile. I would arrange the drape and clip it in the back so it was easier for her to keep up and so that the folds of the satin made  interesting patterns. The pose was demure, why she wanted that is beyond me because that was not her personality at all.
I caught the Sausalito ferry back to the city and took the
California Street
cable car over the hill to the wharf and walked over to the “V”. Picked up my peppermint mocha and took the same table on the patio that I had the night before. If the two girls showed up this time I was prepared. I brought my pastels and a twelve by sixteen sketch pad. The “V” is an interesting coffee shop. About the only light came through the open to the sidewalk front. The rest was very dark and most of the patrons sat at booths in the deep shadows. Oh well, I prefer the open air.
I saw them coming up the street just after dark. They were as elegant and beautiful as I remembered. Watching them approach I was mesmerized. They never took their hypnotic eyes off me once we made eye contact until the reached the order counter. “Two red chi teas, enriched please.” I heard them order.
They sat at a table just under the canopy of the patio with their backs to the featureless darkness. The soft patio lighting and the nothingness background were perfect. Their translucent porcelain skin seemed to glow so very softly. The atmosphere could not have been better. I spread out my pastels, took a sip of my mocha, opened my sketch book and started. Strange, it usually takes fifteen to twenty minutes until I begin to gather an audience, but not tonight, no one seemed interested. Except my exquisite subjects. They knew what I was doing and that’s just what I wanted
One of them came over and positioned herself behind me so she could see what I was doing. I just kept on with my drawing. “You are fascinating” I said “I have never encountered women of such contrast. Your hair and eyes, I don’t quiet know, shouldn’t go with your skin but some how you are perfect. It all works.” I signed the pastel and handed it to her. Apparently it didn’t work this time. Instead of sitting down and starting a conversation she rolled up the portrait and they left the coffee shop.
After another fit full nights sleep the next morning I called my friend Lana. She new San Francisco inside and out. “Lana, it’s Jim. Do you know a coffee shop named “V”, just the letter “V”.”
“Ya, why do you ask. I don’t think it’s your kind of palace.” Lana said.
“Just curious. I spotted a couple of beauties having tea their and of course I had to do my sketch thing. The girls were to die for but the place seemed a little different some how.” I told her.
“It’s a gay hang out.” Lana said matter of fact.
“No shit, I would never have guessed that.” I said “but that’s not it. It seemed kind of creepy some how.” Lana was quite for some time than she said “Jimmy, Lana always calls me Jimmy, meet me there about 8:30 tonight. I’ve heard rumors and now you have peaked my curiosity so now I want to find out.”
“Find out what?” I asked.
“Gotta go, tell you tonight.” And she hung up.
I arrived at 8:30 on the dot and Lana was already there. “how ya doin’ love” I said in greeting “want anything?”
“Same as you. You got me hooked on those things.” She answered.
“OK, so why all the mystery. You said something about gays and rumors.” I said as I brought the drinks to the table and sat down.
“Jimmy, let’s get out of here. I don’t think you are going to like what I have to tell you. Not only is this a gay hangout but it’s…”
Lana hadn’t finished her sentence when the two sirens walked in. They took an appraising look at Lana, everyone dose, she has flaming red hair and it’s natural, all natural and I got a friendly smile.
“That’s them Lana. What did I tell you. Drop dead beautiful. I think I’m in love.” I said.
“Careful pussy hound, better reserve judgment ‘till I tell you what I’ve learned.” Lana cautioned.
“Two red chi teas, enriched.” Beautiful one and beautiful two ordered.
“Most every one in here orders their drinks ‘enriched’. Wonder the hell that’s all about?” I wondered out loud.
“If you’ll shut up and pay attention. I think I know what it means. Like I said this is a gay hangout and here’s the kicker…this is reputed to be one of the cities vampire dens. Apparently there are several quite out of the way places like this.” Lana told me.
I’m afraid my mouth was hanging open in disbelief. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” I sputtered. “Vampires, no way.”
“Ya, way.” Lana continued “one of the girls I work with is into this stuff. I’ve thought all along that she was a cook but she swears it’s true. She says she’s one of them. Imagine that and the ‘enrichment’ they order is blood, human blood. I want to get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.”
“Ok” I said “I don’t know if I believe you. That’s a hard pill to swallow.”
We walked down to the wharf and bought a couple of crabs, a baguette and a bottle of wine and went and sat in the little park looking over the black water of the bay and had our finger food dinner. We must have chewed over the vampire thing for sometime. It surprised us when a church bell rang out midnight. We grabbed a cab and I dropped her off at her apartment then I went back to my flat.
I dreamed that night that one of my fascinations was standing at the foot of my bed looking at me with the embers of lust glowing from her eyes. I woke in a clod sweat and couldn’t get her off my mind all that day or the next.
Now I’m a lover not a fighter. There is nothing I like more that to have the woman next to me in bed sweating and exhausted from orgasmic climax after orgasmic climax, just looking at me. Love it. I’m a good lover. I know how to pleasure a woman and I practice my art with complete dedication to my partner’s ultimate…well…ultimate. I know that if she is the only thing on my mind that I will be the only thing on her mind and when we are one in that frame you can’t imagine the wonders we experience.
Now I have a pastime, a hobby that most people find strange. I like to make candy. Really good candy. Really good candy with dark chocolate. Really good candy with dark chocolate and nugget centers. I love to make these sweets for my lady friends. They love them. If they don’t they soon drop from my lady friend list. Why do I tell you this, because, I can’t get that fair skinned little beauty out of my head. Vampire or not I want to taste her sweet honey and bring her all the ecstasy of passion I can create. She obsesses me, I don’t give a damn about the dangers. For her I’d risk anything. Even my life.
 It’s Saturday morning and I have devised a plan to seduce a vampire. I pull out my recipe folder and find the one I want. Black cherry brandy nugget with a dark chocolate shell. To die for. I make up a nice batch using my regular formula. But this batch is only half of my plan. The next batch will be different.
I have all my ingredients ready except for one. In my work room are some large syringes I use to medicate my horses. The needle is a bit large for my comfort but it’s all I have so I set it up and carefully insert the hollow steel spin in to a vain in my arm and draw out about a half cup of my own blood. Ouch, but it’s what I need to get what I want.
I substitute my blood for the liquid in my little temptations recipe. So now I have a black cherry, brandy and blood, my blood, nugget. Sounds gross but then you are not a vampire are you. And cupids prey may just be a vampire. This is strangely exciting. I hope in a way that she is.
I pack a four of the spiked sweet inducements in the bottom of a fancy little presentation package. Then I pack four general consumption sweets on top and fold the scarlet tissue over them.  Presentation is everything. Especially in seduction.
Just after dark I take my now usual table on the patio in front of “V”. Get my mocha and set up my blind. Sketch book, pastels and, you guessed it, my diabolical little box of bait, the chocolates.
I can not take my eyes of Beautiful Two as she and her companion come walking down the street. Eye contact, no eye lock, my pulse is beginning to race and the butterflies in my stomach are working overtime. I am going to implode from my inner stresses. To act like I am calm is almost impossible.
“Thank you for the portrait. It’s really quite good you know.” Beautiful Two said as she passed my table. They ordered their drinks and sat at their ‘usual table’. For the next half hour it was eye flirting. I wanted Beautiful Two to know that I was interested and I wanted to lure her to me.
Time. I pick up my pastels, sketch book and bait box and walk over to her table “I find you very intriguing. I was making candy today and thought you just my enjoy some. They are not drugged or any thing. I hope you like them.” I said as I sat the pretty little box on her table and turned and walked away. If that doesn’t spark her curiosity nothing will. Now I just have to let my little ploy play out. I will come back tomorrow night to see if she will rise to the bait.
A shower and early to bed. I am edgy with anticipation. I just hope I can hold my self together until tomorrow night.
I am aware of something, someone, am I dreaming or is this really happening. I don’t care either way, she’s exquisite. A vision of every woman I have ever wanted and more. “My name is Annalease. Why have you called me to you. Do you understand the dangers I bring to you?”
“How did you find me? Yes, I have a pretty good idea of the perils I face but I am willing to face them to be with you.” I whispered my hart pounding.
“Your little gift was very clever, so…personal.” Annalease said with a coy smile. “I want to find out what you are about. Was that the best you have to offer or is there more?” She moved to the side of my bed and the light from the moon and stars silhouetted her magnificent body through the silk gauze she was wearing. “I have not taken a lover in a very long time. The ones I have had are good until the change begins, than they loose interest.”
“Annalease, sit here on the bed and let’s talk awhile. Yes, there’s more. Much much more. I know that you can take me right now and initiate me to the undead but I don’t feel that’s what you really want. I am offering you my heart and all the joys within. If you take me you will never know ecstasies we can have together. The choice is yours. I cannot stop if you choose to feed on my blood, I know that, but what a loss, for both of us. Annalease, If you choose to love and be loved I will satisfy your need for blood, my blood in ways that we will devise together. Like the special little deserts I have given you.” I made my plea and my offer.
“I’m not sure your worth it.” Annalease said.
“Look at me.” I said “I am the fire Annalease. This now is the balance between the dark and the light. The boundary between chaos and order. I will drive back the night and rekindle your passions fire before midnight.”
Her face barely and inch from mine she murmured “Please…” as her tender hands stroked my flanks.
“By love and death.” I kissed her lips and leaned into her igniting her scolding response. Overturned by a frenzy of passion, I folded her into my arms. Twined together we burned loves sweetness. She gave herself and I took her. Cradled amid our discarded robes, and consumed by a love that welded our forms and remade us as one. Her skin was velvet laid over mine. Every yielding touch drank our raw power.  Her sent in my nostrils, her taste in my mouth, and the title surge of her movement swept me beyond awareness of thought and reason. Empty of care, beyond conscious will, we joined in the darkness. Together we forged an ecstatic joy that bordered on the sublime. We lay, more than flesh, more than mind, more than spirit, until we felt as though we hung poised on a pinnacle. Beyond time, at the edge of pure passion. While the mists engulfed the room our coal burned down to a cinder. Annalease rolled with my movement and straddled me, arched like a bow at the verge of explosive, climactic release.
Her smile was bittersweet. “My love, fear for nothing. You have shown me the pure light overwhelming my world of absolute darkness.” She shouted entangled in the piercing peak of her ecstasy.
As the sky began to brighten she turned to me and said. “I have made my decision…until tonight my love…”

Friday, April 22, 2011

my personal take on Kimberly Ranee Hicks

First for today is…I am a neophyte, a babe in the woods when it comes to creative writing. That’s not to say that I am not an artist because I am. Not yet in writing but I have made my mark in the visual arts and I’m damned proud of it. I am not a professional critic or reviewer but I know what I like when it comes to fictional chronicles.
Since I came into your world many of you have offered and given me help and advice. I am grateful. You have no idea what this means to me. I am reading blogs and snippets of stories from my new teachers and I have to say that I am humbled. I truly want to buy the books whose ‘teasers’ I have enjoyed but I can’t right now. I used to have more money than time but that has changed. Now I have more time than money but that’s another story.
My first mentor in your universe is Kimberly Ranee Hicks. I don’t quite know how to continue with out sounding like I am pandering but I am going to give it a try.
Kim, your article on the questionable value of making an ass out of you self to generate interest, be it positive or negative, for the sole purpose of profit (money or fame) was excellent. Your opening statements were right on the money. The body commentary explained the practice and your position to a ‘T’ and your conclusion, for me, added up to a balanced equation. Well done. I say this tongue-in-cheek. I think you missed an obvious chuckle. Far and away the most skilled, in my opinion, at this tactic is the politician…lol
I vaguely remember P.T. Barnum’s famous line: “There is no bad publicity”. Apparently that is truer today than ever.
Now to Kim’s creation Mello and June. I have found only tiny fragments but each paragraph is marvelously assembled. Kim shows me more charter in one paragraph than I can develop in a whole chapter. Thanks for the lesson Kim. I will learn how to be more fastidious as I evolve to your level. I can’t wait to experience the whole creation.
My whole hearted suggestion…if you haven’t exposed yourself to Kim you are missing out.